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Since 2009, Voiceopia Communications has been focused on helping companies grow by implementing ideal business communications.  We started our company like you, with an entrepreneurial spirit, an idea, hard work, and determination to be the best. We believe every company has specific needs. Our strength is listening to you and understanding the unique communication needs of your company.  We customize a solution that equips your company with the tools needed to succeed.

Phone Systems

We provide hosted VoIP phone systems that give your business all the features you need at costs that will surprise you.

Beyond the Phone

We offer business texting, e-faxing, and other solutions to help your business respond to customers more efficiently than ever before.

Customer Service

Many companies offer phone systems; few offer excellent customer service. Voiceopia does both.

Voiceopia clients save an average of 30% over what they were paying for equivalent traditional service. Many small businesses find that for what they paid just for phone lines they can get the features and hardware at the same cost.

We could go on, and we love to talk, so call us for more!

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Voiceopia provides hosted phone systems– phone systems hosted in our data centers around the country. The phones we install at your business communicate with the phone system over the Internet. Voiceopia systems come standard with over 100+ features and often come at a savings compared to what your business pays today.



Many small businesses have an increasing need to text their clients, but things get messy when an owner and/or employee starts texting clients with a personal cell phone. For starters, once customers have an employee’s cell phone, they WILL start bypassing the normal channels in your business to get help, which can be bad if that employee is out sick, busy with other clients, or not working for you anymore.

Recent studies have also revealed that thousands of people are texting businesses every day just to see if they can get a reply– and most go unanswered. Voiceopia’s business texting provides a direct and organized way for you to text with your customers using your business number– keeping this growing method of communication organized and efficient. We offer dedicated iPhone/Android apps along with desktop web access that’s user friendly for your team to utilize. Basic packages start as low as $20/month with premium packages available that include MMS (picture messaging), group texts, auto replies, and more. Call or text us today to find out more!


Let’s be honest– you can get phone service from just about anywhere. What you can’t get just anywhere is good customer service. Here at Voiceopia, we believe that the customer service you get is just as important as the technology itself. To that end, we offer complete end-to-end customer service to all our clients every day. While our industry is increasingly driving customers to self-service, we are happy to take care of your daily changes, help you with troubleshooting and provide ongoing training– all without nickel and diming you every single time. All of our techs and engineers are US based and we have staff monitoring systems 24/7. We provide 4 easy ways to reach us for support:


  • Email our support team at (monitored by support every day)
  • Text us 24/7 at 423-509-8000
  • Call us at 423-509-8000

What is a hosted phone system?

A hosted phone system is a telephony service where the phone system is not placed at your premises, but is provided from a server in our data centers. The VoIP (Voice over IP) phones in your company will communicate with the phone system over the Internet. You get a flexible system with more features and service options than traditional systems.

Traditionally, phone systems are physical boxes onsite. Power and/or internet outage? Callers get a busy signal. Want to add more phones and/or features? Get ready to write a big check for add-on hardware and programming. Worse yet, that hardware has an expiration date.

Voiceopia’s systems come with just about every feature you can think of– over 98% of our services come standard for all customers big and small. Since it’s hosted, the system can still take calls (and integrate with cell phones) even if your Internet and/or power is out. Multi-site businesses can be linked together without expensive T1 and PRI circuits. Work-from-home employees can have a desk phone. Further, your Voiceopia system is constantly being updated, maintained and supported remotely, so there are no add-on fees for maintenance– and no expiration date where another “system purchase” is required.

Common Features

(that you’ll actually use):
Auto Attendant   |  Blacklisting/Blocking   |  Call Forwarding  |   Call Parking   |  Call Queues   |  Conferencing   |  E911  |   Find Me/Follow Me   |  Hunt Groups  |   Music On Hold   |  Ring Groups  | Time-Based Routing   |  Toll-Free Service   |  Voicemail (with email options)  |  Admin & User Web Portals

The Team (at least the least crazy ones)

Duane Goff

Duane Goff


Duane is the boss, the head honcho, the big cheese, or as he likes to say in team meetings, “the volleyball coach”. No one has ever seen him play volleyball though. Duane has been with Voiceopia since day 1. Duane works in almost every department on any given day. Contrary to what you may think, this is his real photo and not one of those stock images you get in the photo frame you bought on Black Friday.

Andrew Atkinson

Andrew Atkinson

The New-ish Guy

He’s the new guy. He delivers fresh donuts with speed and grace.

Almon Strowger

Almon Strowger

The Patron Saint

We’re here because of this guy. Seriously, he invented the automatic phone switcher. You can read all about it here. This guy was a funeral director turned phone company founder and launched in 1892. We bet you thought it was all Alexander Graham Bell, so you’re welcome in advance for the trivia you’re sure to have exclusive knowledge of at your next party or Chamber event. Thanks, Almon– we raise our handsets to you!

Jeremy Gault

Jeremy Gault

Senior Engineer

The guru. Makes all our technical stuff work. Wrestles high-powered broadcast transmitters on the side. Dangerous stuff. We’re not sure how he does it, but he does. Jeremy has forgotten more about VoIP then the rest of us will learn in our lifetime. He’s been playing with VoIP years before it was a household name. His preferred greeting is “yo”, he loves to record your IVR greeting, and he’ll help you get your ham radio license.



Billing Coordinator

Christina heads up our billing department, which means she’s the smartest one here. Christina makes sure customer billing works well, makes sure our bills get paid, makes sure we get paid– like we said, the smartest person in the room.

Brian Ladd

Brian Ladd

Customer Care Manager

Brian is the QB of Customer Care. He’s never played football in his life, so let’s try a different analogy. Brian is a Customer Service ubergeek. Yeah, that works. Brian makes sure calls, texts, tickets and voicemails are responded to promptly. Brian also helps our sales team with design and implementation of customer systems and occasionally moonlights with our Engineers. Star Trek, Star Wars and Monty Python quotes are available on demand. Brian also endorses coffee. Actually, Brian NEEDS coffee.

John Hatfield

John Hatfield

Sales & Marketing

John Hatfield is our Sales & Marketing Manager. He’s patient– you have to be when you’re a Cubs fan. Between ice cream sandwich binges, John is always looking to meet new businesses and find out how Voiceopia can help them grow. With over 20 years of experience in sales and finance, John has seen it all. John is also a drummer, so please forgive him in advance your conference room becomes a concert venue during a sales meeting. Oh, before we forget, yes he IS one of the Hatfields, so we can’t ever hire a McCoy. Sorry McCoy’s– we’ll still give you a good referral.


Since we are in the middle of our secondary severe weather season (which has been unusually quiet around here this year), we thought it would be prudent to take a moment to talk about disaster recovery. Disaster recovery plans are important to the continuity of any...

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